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Home Theater Services

Home Theater Sales and Installations

Whether you own your dream home or just starting out, Taylor Home Theater will design a system that fits your lifestyle and budget.You will be amazed at the system we can design on a tight budget. We sell and install projectors and screens, in wall and in ceiling speakers, flat screen TV’s and anyaudio/video equipment for your home. Whether you are looking for a simple surround sound set up for a den or more sophisticated equipment for a dedicated home theater room, Taylor Home Theater can create the perfect room for your needs. It is possible to enjoy your favorite movies within the comfort of your own home while experiencing sound and picture quality as if you were at the movies.

We provide a complete media solution for your new or existing home or office. Our comprehensive services
include design, media planning, pre-wiring installation, connection outlets, and any optional products that you
select.We provide equipment sales, installation and integration of all audio and video equipment. Components
include HD TV’s, Media Server’s, Blu-Ray’s, IPod dock’s, Universal Remote’s, DVD’s, DVR’s, Video Game
Unit’s, Audio Receiver’s, Amplifier’s, VCR’s, CD player’s, CD recorder’s and much more. We do existing
Home Theater speaker system integration (including running speaker wires), phone and data, alarms and
security, multi-room and outdoor audio.

We have many resources to accomplish all your needs. Taylor Home Theater works with custom cabinet companies and custom home contractors.

Flat Screen TV Mounting

Our Installation professional can add a stylish look to any room by mounting a TV on a wall or above a
fireplace. We make sure that all wires are concealed, including putting the power outlet behind the television
and ensure that all work done conforms to code.

Surround Sound

Taylor Home Theater provides full in home surround, whether your speakers are in the wall, in a ceiling or a
book shelf. We will always make sure the speakers will not only sound great but look great too.

Programming Universal Remotes

Our trained professional will program the functions of all your current remotes, weather it be 2 or 15, into a
single universal remote and walk you thru each function so that you can use it with ease. You will be able to
push one button and turn on all necessary devices and when you are done, push only one button to turn
everything off.

Whole House Audio

A multi-room audio system allows you to enjoy music and other audio sources throughout your entire home.
In fact, you can enjoy different music in different rooms simultaneously. Users can select and control music
sources from a control pad installed in the wall in each room. Our objective is to install a system in your home
that will be easy to operate and provide a lifetime of high quality sound enjoyment.

Structured Wiring

Over the past few years there have been enormous changes to the way we live in our homes. Imagine if you
could have central control for all the systems in your home. It is surprising what can be achieved with a little
forethought and the application of certain wiring principles. It starts by introducing what is commonly referred
to as 'structured wiring.'

The goal of adding structured wiring to a home is to allow your home to accommodate new products and technologies without rewiring. It is relatively inexpensive to have done and can be of great value to your home.
Taylor Home Theater custom designs structured wiring systems to support a variety of present and future technologies, including telephone services, high-speed Internet access, computer networking, cable and
DSS television, audio/video distribution, security, and camera surveillance.

The basic components of a structured wiring system are the distribution panel (generally located in the
basement mechanical area), special bundled cable or multiple cable runs, and custom wall-plates in each room.
Outlets may include telephone jacks, coax jacks, data networking jacks, video jacks and infrared.

Taylor Home Theater uses the finest products to run media systems in your home. We only install top quality products that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment in your home.

Commercial TV and Sound Installation

Restaurant and Bar TV and Speaker Sound Installation

Pre-Wire Office for Sound or TV

Networking and VOIP Installation



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